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About Our School

The 5 Life-Changing Gifts of
Martial Arts. For Kids AND Adults.

Hi and welcome!

Want to take control of your life but have been unsure of how to do that? Perhaps you're looking for a new outlet for your kids to work off some of that extra energy, while learning and growing, in a positive and motivating environment.

Maybe you just want to do something amazing, fun, and exciting for yourself because you ARE worth it.

Our Elk Grove Martial Arts school can certainly help you with all of those things.

At first glance, most people think Martial Arts is a way to get fit and learn self-defense...which is true...but...

Martial arts is so much more than just kicks and punches! Can you imagine how amazing your life will be with enhanced physical fitness, improved mental focus and clearer thinking, lightning fast reflexes, and a healthier body to take you well into your golden years?

Luckily, we don’t have to imagine it because we see these things in action. Every. Single. Day.

Our students continuously tell us how Martial Arts enriches their lives in ways most people are not prepared for. Seriously. And it will do the same for you.

These life-changing benefits are more "subtle" than the physical benefits you see from our classes. While you can see lean muscle forming, and feel the effects of cardio training within the first week, the benefits below are felt on a deeply personal level. And with some phenomenal (positive!) side effects.

Just by reading this far, you have proven that you are ready to take a chance on yourself, leap feet first into the action-packed world of Martial Arts, and live a truly amazing life!

Change can be scary but we’ll be there the entire time to guide you and support you. You CAN have it all, and we can’t wait to be there with you to hear all about it.

Here are a few life-changing benefits you can expect…

#1 Huge Confidence Gains

Learning new skills and tasks is difficult. One of the first things both children AND adults notice when training is that they don’t get to have super-star kung fu movie style moves without some serious work. As you dig in, and put yourself to the test mentally and physically, you’ll realize something…

You’ll realize that through all of your hard work, by listening to your instructors, and showing up for yourself - you are incredibly capable of smashing your goals. This sense of achievement gives our students HUGE boosts in confidence.

As you learn striking, self-defense moves, or even learn how to do a push up for the first time you’ll proudly pat yourself on the back and feel great about the person you’re becoming. We love to see this trait develop in our students.

#2 More Focus

Because the techniques are challenging, they require your full attention. You have to concentrate hard on listening to the instructor, then performing what they taught you.

The neat thing is this intense concentration naturally pours into all other areas of your life.

Adults find themselves focusing more easily and intensely at work. Kids pay better attention and focus better in school.

#3 Physical Fitness

Each class is loaded with challenging, fun exercise. But because you're so focused on performing techniques, and having so much fun, you hardly notice it. Before you know it, the class is over, and you not only learned powerful martial arts...

... you got a great workout, too. Being physically fit boosts energy, mental clarity, and confidence as well.

#4 Community Matters

What do you think of when you hear the word community? We think of a group of like minded students, struggling through tough training times together, celebrating successes together, and encouraging each other no matter what. We think of teamwork and truly belonging no matter what your background is.

We're a tight-knit group here and our students are all about support. We provide the kind of environment that fosters friendship, encouragement, and motivation.

#5 Breakup with Boredom, Have FUN!

Stuck in a fitness rut or tired of hitting up bootcamp style classes just to be yelled at on your personal time? Ugh, who can blame you... luckily our classes are NOTHING like that. Action-packed and totally fun, focused on your success, and always changing. No two workouts are the same and we use positive motivation.

No military style yelling or body shaming, ever.

Both kids and adults both work hard, but also play hard too. Laughing, smiles, and high fives are part of every class.

So what do you say? Ready to give us a shot?

Just scroll up to the top of this page and click on the program that's right for you.
You'll learn more, and have the chance to grab our amazing web special.

Or don't hesitate to give us a call if you're more comfortable signing up over the phone:
(916) 405-6606

Looking forward to meeting you in person!

Liborio Vargas

Liborio Vargas, Head Instructor
Moore's Karate of Elk Grove
(916) 405-6606

We mix a perfect blend of fun activities and games in all our kids martial art classes to keep kids' attention. But at the same time, we go beyond the traditional martial arts techniques to impart discipline and a deeper sense of respect to our students. As a result, kids become better-behaved everywhere they go and perform better in school. That's why parents are crazy about our classes too, not just their kids.

Kids of all ages love these martial art classes...they enjoy the fun activities and games while improving and learning new martial art techniques.

Click Here for Kids Martial Arts

Do you wish to get in shape through fun powerful classes? Experience a combination of modern and traditional training and workouts in our Elk Grove Adult Martial Arts Classes. Our martial art classes offer an array of combat techniques; from self-defense and exercise to mindfulness and philosophy for a better life.

You can join our martial arts, karate classes which are taught to adults of all ages. And you'll be taught by our expert martial arts instructors who are dedicated, caring, and full of passion.

Click Here for Adult Martial Arts

Let your kid feel like a total rock star with our awesome kids birthday package. It's a fun, educational, structured birthday party involving martial arts... crazy-cool fun & games... pizza (of course!)... and more. Plus your kid will be the one-and-only star of the show!

They'll help teach martial arts to their friends... cut the birthday cake with a real sword (carefully supervised of course!)... and break a wooden board with just their hands or feet (if they've reached this level in their training). Guaranteed to be a safe, fun, awesome experience for your child & all of his / her friends.

Click Here for Birthday Parties
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"I Can" Do This!

That's the kind of vibe you'll see and feel at Moore's Karate of Elk Grove. Our self-defense and fitness programs are based upon Shou Shu Kung Fu - known for being a true martial art and an extremely efficient fighting system of self-defense.

Shou Shu means "Beast Knowledge." It uses the fighting motions of seven fighting animals. Each of the seven animals specializes in a specific type of motion and uses the laws of physics to create immense power, but in completely different ways. Shou Shu is the combination of these animal motions.

With the very first class you take, we'll show you why Moore's Karate of Elk Grove is becoming the most well known martial arts center around.

Immense power and energy that seems almost magical are just the beginning of what you'll get from our awesome classes.

You'll also get...

Shou Shu is an extremely effective self-defense art for the modern day practitioner. Whether you're searching for a quick self-defense art or one to study and follow for a lifetime, Shou Shu is one of the most sophisticated systems ever developed. How cool does that sound?

Variety is the Spice of Life. In addition to Shou Shu martial arts, we offer personal training with kettlebells and nutrition. Having a variety of different ways to get - and stay - fit and strong makes our classes fun and exciting. You won't find anything boring here.

Unlike other schools, we offer family discounts to help defray costs. We can tailor a program to fit your needs, whether you are primarily looking for self-defense or to enhance your life in the many ways martial arts training can. We guarantee that the high-quality of training you receive will far exceed your expectations.

But Will I Fit In?

Absolutely! You'll fit right in on day one. We offer classes for both kids and adults and you don't need any kind of experience to start. You'll fit in whether you're male or female, tall or short, in shape, athletic or not, quiet, shy or the complete opposite. Our school is big on family, friends and fellowship. Anyone with a big ego, bad attitude or who likes to bully others can check that attitude right at the door.

Whatever your fitness goals are, you can achieve them at Moore's Karate because, as stated above, we're family here and we do things together. Consider it Team Karate.

Maybe you want to lose some weight, get in shape and have a rock hard body. We're here to help you set realistic goals, meet them and cheer you on when you do.

Perhaps you just want to learn something new and become really good and skilled in martial arts or self-defense. Our well-trained instructors love to share their knowledge with you.

Or maybe you just want to learn some self-defense techniques so that you can protect yourself if you're ever in an uncomfortable situation even if the person is twice your size. Show your friends at school all the new moves you know and how strong and powerful you are. The energy will seem like magic to them.

Whatever your reason is for thinking about becoming a student of martial arts, we will support you every step of the way because we want you to succeed in school, work and life.

Caring and Sharing is What We're About

When you meet our instructors, you'll think you've known them for years because they're that friendly and helpful. Caring and sharing are what you'll find the minute you walk through our doors.

Our classes are well-planned and disciplined, yet comfortable and fun. We have a no-nonsense approach to teaching, plenty of hands-on learning for everyone and also a lot of fun and laughs. We take our training seriously so that your kids learn new skills safely and effectively, while also making it exciting so they want to learn and come back for more.

Our school is very safe, clean and professional. Families, as well as women, find it very appealing. You can walk in and immediately feel the welcoming energy of the school. We make sure there's nothing intimidating about our school.

Check out our amazing-low web special going on right now. Our classes fill up fast because it's such a great deal, so make sure you reserve your spot today!

Are you ready to experience the best prices, the most helpful instructors, and have the most fun you've EVER had getting strong and fit? All you have to say is I Can Do This!

Our Instructors

Liborio Vargas is our fearless leader and head instructor. He is a 5th degree Shi Gung and has been passionately teaching for over 18 years.

Norma Vargas is co-owner and also an instructor. She has a Red Belt and has been happily teaching for four years.

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Liborio Vargas

Liborio Vargas, Head Instructor

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Get in great shape at the same time." ["site_headline_id"]=> string(2) "20" }